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Tips for Staying Uplifted During Quarantine

Tips for Staying Uplifted During Quarantine 

Particularly due to the current Covid-19 crisis, I wanted to pass on a few ideas, some general thoughts and tips for helping keep your energy uplifted during a home quarantine. There are several ways in which you can “freshen” up your space to give it a new sense of comfort, give yourself something to do and de-stress or reduce anxiety.


The first tip is to start with a good declutter or deep-clean, it’s possible that with your current stay-at-home status, you have been spending more time on the couch and less time on-top of chores or other cleaning duties. One thing which can help reduce anxiety is to set aside even 20 minutes a day to organize or clean up the previous few days of clutter or mess. This can also help with the next ideas or tips because it will make it easier to reorganize your space once things are tucked away. It can be a good idea to set aside a specific time or schedule as part of a “daily routine” which will help keep your mind sharp and feeling accomplished even though you might need to spend more time at home than usual.

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Once things are organized and cleaned up a bit, I always recommend doing a bit of an “object shuffle”, which for lack of a better term means taking all your things and moving them around to new locations to try and give the sense of a whole new space. Small things like rearranging plants, decorations, artwork and other smaller things can give your home a quick mini-refresh. While doing some of the larger things (when possible) moving couches, chairs, TV stands, etc, can really shift around your entire space. In smaller condos this might not be possible, so it’s recommended to start with smaller changes like the artwork and seeing how big an impact you can have. If you do have the ability to move around furniture, such as beds and couches, try a few different configurations and leave it the way you change it for at least 24 hours before deciding if you like the changes. As we often will set-up our space and leave it for long periods of time it can take more than an hour to really get a sense if you like the change you have created or not.


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Another idea would be to give yourself some multi-day purpose; I highly recommend taking on some tasks you might have been putting off, like creating some colorful art, or refinish “that” table, or repaint “that” dresser, etc. It’s possible to shop online for small updates, things like replacing the knobs/hardware on your kitchen cupboards can make a real impact at a very low cost and can be purchased online and shipped directly to your door. These are small around-the-house tasks that you can set up for yourself that don’t necessarily cost a lot of money which can give your space a new look. If you have some of the supplies, going bigger and painting rooms or updating some of the DIY home interior can really freshen up the mood. I recommend bright and cheery colors to give a sense of joy.

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Beyond this, I also encourage if you have the time and budget to add some greenery and plants to the house. Plants are a great way to add in both color and a sense of purpose and care. A plant is a living and breathing organism that can benefit you in multiple ways. Both in the sense that many plants will clean and purify the air in your space, but also give you something to take care of which requires your attention and love to thrive.

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Aromatherapy is also a small change that can have a big effect. Things like candles, incense, or essential oils can help you relax and bring a calming to the air. These are things that can be purchased online, and often you can find local retailers that sell home-made candles. Having a calming and relaxing place to stay as part of your home quarantine will help reduce your overall anxiety about your space even if there are other factors at play in your life.

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While these aren’t all going to be possible for every home, these are just a few small ideas that can help boost mood, give you a sense of accomplishment and purpose, and help keep you active at home doing smaller design-oriented things. It is important that we find ways to entertain ourselves during such a difficult and strange time and remember that your mental health plays a huge part in your overall health and happiness.


Written by Matt K.

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