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A home is a place where we live and find comfort in. Every individual has their own style of decorating this comfort zone and that makes each house unique in its own right. There are number of ways of decorating a home. Some like to paint it in their favorite color, others like to experiment with designer walls with textured paints. However, an easy and longer lasting option is to decorate the walls with wallpaper.

Know about different types of wallpapers

Gone are the days of using standard paper wall covering. Currently there are many durable types of wallpapers available in the market. Each type has its own advantage, style and utility. Some of the types are Vinyl wallpapers, Embossed, Foil wallpaper, Mylar, Flock, Fabric backed vinyl papers, Grass-cloth wallpapers, etc. Then there are borders too as well as Murals.

Vinyl wallpapers: These have the design printed on paper and then coated with vinyl to give it durability and ease of maintenance. These wallpapers are widely used since they are easy to install and remove, easy to clean and water and stain proof, making them low maintenance types.

Embossed wallpapers: Instead of plain printing, the design is pressed on the paper backing, hence rendering a raised effect. This type is washable too and can be used in any room. Embossed wallpapers help in camouflaging flaws in the wall and do not need a perfectly smooth surface for its installation.

Fabric backed vinyl wallpapers: Unlike the paper backed vinyl papers, the fabric backed vinyl wallpapers are more durable and easy to handle. The base fabric is weaved woven with the vinyl design coated on it. These wallpapers can safely be used on rough walls since the fabric does not necessarily need a smooth perfect surface. This type of wallpaper can be easily scrubbed and is perfect for kids’ room, kitchen, bathroom, living room, play area, hallways or just any place that you wish to decorate.

Foil wallpapers: These wallpapers have a ground metal added to the paper backing to give it a metallic finish like foil. The design is then printed on top of this foil. For installation of this wallpaper, the wall needs to be perfectly smooth else the shiny foil enhances the blemishes in the wall and the whole concept of hiding the cracks or uneven surface in the wall with the wallpaper is lost.

Flock wallpaper: This type gives a luxurious feel to the room since the texture of the paper is velvety and three dimensional. However, these are not washable and thus should not be used in kitchen or kids room where there are chances of it getting soiled easily.

Mylar wallpapers: The print is on paper backing, but the difference is that instead of vinyl coating the paper is covered with a polyester film that protects the design. Thus these wallpapers are also washable but are best fixed on liner wallpaper for extra support, since these wallpapers have a tendency to crease easily. Mylar wallpapers can be fitted in kitchen, bathrooms, etc. Walls need to be smooth for installation of these papers.

Grass cloth wallpapers: This is a handcrafted paper, where vines or grasses are stuck on the paper backing with glue and gives it a thoroughly natural look and feel. The natural materials used are hemp, sisal, jute, honeysuckle, etc. Due to its natural feel, these wallpapers are not washable and can be used in safer places like bedrooms, dens, dining-room or family room. Pasting and installation of these wallpapers are best done by professionals since these are tricky to handle. The advantages of these wallpapers is that they help in hiding flaws in the wall and help in absorbing noise, thus making the room as sound proof as possible. The natural fibre also gives certain warmth to the room.

Some popular brands in Calgary

When it comes to purchase of wallpapers, Calgary has many brands that are popular and trustworthy for their quality. Some of these are Crown, York, Arte, Metro, Joanne Fabrics (JF) and Hooked on Walls. These brands offer many designs and styles that match the planned décor as well as mood. All these popular brands have a catalogue to choose the preferred wallpaper from.

Many reputed brands have designer wallpapers on display and there are many themes open for selection. Some of the themes are nursery prints or animals for children’s bedroom, leaves, floral prints, geometrical designs for living and other areas, architectural detail designs for hallways along with matching borders, scroll, damask, grass cloth and textures for bedrooms etc.

How to select wallpaper

Wallpaper selection is very important as it gives a definite look and appeal to the room. As mentioned earlier, there are different types of wallpapers to choose from. Thus, make sure that you choose the right type for the right room and area. This way your efforts in installation and then further maintenance will be well worth.

For a quick guide, if the room is small in size then wallpaper with big prints or dark colors will make it appear smaller and congested. On the other hand, pastel shades with delicate prints or just plain textured wallpaper will give the room an elegant look.

If you have large living room with long walls, then Murals make perfect sense as they can be fitted in a sequence to give a complete look. If you choose to have good printed wallpaper for the room, then fixing matching border will help accentuate the room and add some glamour quotient to it.

It is true that wallpaper fitting can be DIY – do it yourself- activity. With proper study and knowhow one can achieve this to great extent. However, as a word of advice, there are some types of wallpapers that need extra care while installation, for example Foil, Mylar, etc. These have a tendency to crease easily if not handled properly. Therefore it is advisable to take a professional’s help to get the job done so that the end effect is perfect and appealing.

Wallpapers are trendy and give a neat look to the home. So when you decide to purchase wallpaper for your home, make absolutely sure that you have done a good survey of the types, designs and textures before making the final buy. Remember, the wallpaper you select is finally going to reflect your personality and choice, so try to make your home stand out by its unique appeal.

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